First and foremost, our event is all about watching amazing movies in unique surroundings.

Our high quality, US-made inflatable screens measures 25ft x 14ft and are good for attendances up to 1000 people. We broadcast on state-of-the-art LCD digital projectors offering a superior picture quality. Basically, we show the movie in exactly the way the director intended it to be seen, re-creating the cinema experience in new and exciting locations. The coolest part is that the location can be just about anywhere – indoors, outdoors, in a library, in a gym, on a parking deck, and on and on. The only limit is your imagination thanks to our wireless headphones.  Late night movies with loud speakers are never a concern anymore – this will be “silent” using the headphones we’ve provided.

The Twisted Cinema has two thrilling ‘twists’ to offer bookers that will make their cinema experience like nothing ever seen before.  We are proud to introduce those two options – “The Movie Zoo” and the “Double Feature”.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you supply?

We supply our massive inflatable screen, two event managers to handle setup and breakdown of all items, blu-ray player, top-quality, highly-focused video projector, all production equipment (including headphone transmitters/receivers), lots of duel-channel wireless headphones for your anticipated number of guests, and backup batteries.

What do you need from us?

We need access to power, 3-4 eight foot tables, eight able-bodied volunteers to assist in the set-up and break down of the screens/production (as well as the headphone distribution and collection), and a dry space capable of holding the number of guests you expect. You are welcome to provide chairs, couches, or however you want your folks to watch the movie. Or have them bring their own lawn chairs for an old-school “drive-in” experience out on a lawn or parking lot.

How many people can attend a Twisted Cinema event?

Our screens are suitable for up to 1000 attendees and measures a massive 30’ x 17’. The standard package we offer is setup for 300 attendees.  However, if you would like more than 300 headphones and equipment to handle additional guests, please discuss with your DegyDance agent, who can quote you a fee for any additional equipment and headphones for your package.

Where can we host this type of event?

Almost anywhere! Indoors, outdoors, parking lots, lawns, in a library, or in spaces where there are currently noise restrictions — we can pretty much set up anywhere there is access to power. If your event is indoors we need a space with a roof clearance of at least 26ft to properly fit our screen.  Many schools elect to put the event out on a lawn or open space on campus where folks can bring a chair or blanket.  But we can even set up cool spaces like a “drive-in” movie in a parking lot on campus.

Tell me about how this will work in noise-restricted locations...

With our screenings, all of the movie’s audio is broadcast directly into our special wireless headphones that we supply for your guests. So, if there’s a location you have in mind that currently does not allow amplified noise, The Silent Cinema is your solution. Let your imagination run wild!

What happens if it rains?

The Silent Cinema cannot operate if there is rain as this will damage the headphones and other electrical equipment used to project the film.  We just ask that you have a sufficient, dry, alternate rain location available in the event of bad weather or that you take advantage of our flexible ‘rain date’ policy (listed on the rider) allowing you to change the date if inclement weather is forecast.  As long as the ceiling is high enough to fit our screen (dimensions listed above), and with power in that location, we can run The Silent Cinema anywhere.

How is ‘The Movie Zoo’ set up?

Usually we set this up behind the screen or at the side of the screen. But the individuals can even be located in another room lounging on couches or anywhere closeby.  They would be within a few hundred feet of the setup so that the signal stays the strongest. The participants in the ‘zoo’ watch the movie on a separate screen and are provided with microphones. Audience members can check-in with what’s going down in ‘the zoo’ by flicking the switch on their headphones to the second channel.

So all we’ll here on that channel is people talking?

No. Our event manager will be mixing the movie audio with the comments from the people in the zoo. You’ll still here what’s going on in the movie, just interspersed with the thoughts of all our zoo people!

How many people can we have in ‘The Movie Zoo’?

There are a limited number of microphones. But in addition to that, putting too many voices on the “zoo” will sometimes start to get a little messy with everyone talking on the station. A reasonable number is generally between 3-6 people.

Who should we select to be in ‘The Movie Zoo’?

Anyone with an opinion who doesn’t mind saying it out loud! We want this channel to be fun and slightly anarchic. If it’s a sing-along movie, put in some of your best (and worst!) campus singers for truly hilarious results.

And you can supply someone to host ‘The Movie Zoo’ right?

Yes, we sure can and would love to do that for you. We can enhance your cinema experience greatly by providing one of our touring comics or emcees to come in and host the channel. They’ll interact with your students, interject with their own funny thoughts and basically do a movie-length, un-scripted stand-up routine on the fly.  You can even have them do an original set of material after the movie concludes to wrap up the night; so you would get a comedy show and movie all wrapped in one package.  How cool does that sound?

With the ‘Double Feature’ option we really get to screen two movies at the same time?

Yes! You get to literally double the appeal of your movie event by selecting two movies that can run together, in the same space at the same time. Your students will simply decide which movie they want to listen to by flicking a switch on their headphones. For the very first time you’ll be able to put on a movie night that appeals to literally double the audience.

How are the screens set up for the ‘Double Feature’?

We alwys suggest setting them up side by side meaning people can switch between each movie without having to move around to see the other screen. The other option is back to back which we can also work with but which would mean people wopuldnt be able to switch between each movie quite so easily. Ultimately though the decision is yours!

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